Experience Relief from Back Pain with the Right Surgery

Back surgery is a procedure that many people fear. The thought of a doctor messing with your back makes you nervous about how you’ll feel post-op, and whether you will get full mobility back or have different problems than before the surgery. At Suburban Orthopaedics, we understand that our patients will have concerns and questions, and we take pride in making our patients feel comfortable about upcoming back procedures. With state of the art technology and integrative medical practices, you can trust your orthopedic health to our team.

Types of Back and Neck Services Provided

Our team offers a number of treatments for all types of neck and back pain. Whether you suffer from degenerative disc disease, need discs replaced, or have an ongoing condition like scoliosis, we can help. We also help patients suffering from cancer related fractures that are not only painful, but that can affect the ability to walk or move well. From non-invasive treatments and pain management, to complex back surgery, Suburban Orthopaedics does it all.

Experienced Back Surgeon, Dr. McNally

We have a team of dedicated orthopedic specialists, and our back surgeon, Dr. Thomas A. McNally, is a pioneer when it comes to new and innovative ways to treat spinal conditions. Dr. McNally takes part in clinical studies and is always learning how to treat patients with a variety of back and neck problems. His ability to perform intricate spinal surgeries makes him an in-demand specialist who strives to provide minimally invasive procedures when possible, but will recommend surgery if it’s the best course of treatment. If you live in Bartlett, Elgin, or Schaumburg, and suffer from continuous back pain, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our office.

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