Suburban Orthopaedics: Physical Therapy in Bartlett, IL

Are you in need of physical therapy in or near Bartlett, IL? Suburban Orthopaedics is a clinic that offers you physical therapy that follows your orthopedic surgeon’s orders. Our certified therapists provide customized care based on your current medical situation, as well as based on your goal for where you hope to be after physical therapy.

Get Physical Therapy and Start Feeling Better!

Our conveniently located Bartlett, IL office can help you, whether you’ve had a sports or work-related injury, an accident, are recovering from stroke, have had recent surgery, or have another need for physical therapy. The right physical therapy regimen can help you work your way back to living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether you want to get back to enjoying sports, or simply to improve mobility, physical therapy can make a marked difference.

Our Bartlett Physical Therapy Team Cares

We know that the road to recovery after an injury, accident, or orthopedic surgery can be a difficult one. Our caring, compassionate, and trained staff members have the knowledge and the skills needed to help you, one physical therapy session at a time. Whether leveraging manual techniques or therapeutic exercises, we employ the latest in proven methods to help you get feeling better, faster.

We work directly with your referring doctor or orthopedic surgeon, keeping him or her informed about your progress. Make an appointment today at our Bartlett location. Whether you need help recovering from an accident, from surgery, require a functioning capacity evaluation or work conditioning program, we have the team, the facility and the equipment needed to help you begin feeling and moving better.

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