Expert Orthopedic Services for All Sorts of Elbow Injuries

The mobility of your elbow affects how well you can use your arm for lifting, pushing, and pulling. When your elbow hurts, you will see the effects in your loss of mobility or when normal movements become painful. The good news is that the specialists at Suburban Orthopaedics can help you recover from elbow pain using a number of integrative methods. With offices in Bartlett, Elgin, and Schaumburg, our doctors are available to help patients throughout the local area.

Tears and Overuse Injuries from Sports

Many elbow injuries are the result of overuse during sports. We have doctors who specialize in sports medicine, and that can help both children and adults recover from overuse sports injuries to the elbow. Overuse injuries can include tears to the tissue and muscle surrounding the elbow, or joint pain from repetition of the ball in the joint socket. Many overuse injuries can be treated without elbow surgery, although that’s always an option in severe cases. For pediatric patients, orthopedics will try to avoid surgery and treat the injury with non-invasive methods.

Fractures and Elbow Replacement Surgery

Patients who fracture their elbow may need immediate elbow surgery. If the fracture is severe, patients who undergo surgery may need replacement surgery when they’re older. Patients who had overuse sports injuries but never received proper treatment may also need elbow surgery in the later years. While elbow pain is debilitating, it doesn’t have to stop you from performing daily activities. With the right treatment, you can feel a significant reduction in pain and get back to normal activities.

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