Relieve Knee and Joint Pain with Orthopedic Care

The knee is a fragile area of the body that can easily become injured from overuse, consistent impact, being overweight, or participating in sports. Because we rely on the health of our knees for walking, sitting, and running, it’s important that you’re able to seek proper treatment when you experience chronic knee pain.

Arthritis is a common culprit for knee pain, especially in older patients. People who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight may also suffer from premature knee pain as the joints compensate for the weight. People who engage in sports suffer from different types of knee pain due to impacts and overuse. At Suburban Orthopaedics, we have a team of doctors who specialize in knee injuries by providing therapeutic treatments and surgery.

Diagnostic Imaging for Knee Pain

Before your doctor recommends surgery or another type of treatment, he may perform some type of diagnostic imaging to determine the type of problem you have. Orthopedic doctors use different diagnostic tests to determine the source of your pain. You may need to undergo an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, or x-ray before the doctor determines which type of treatment is best for you. When the doctor looks at the imaging, he’ll be able to tell if you’re suffering from a ruptured ligament, torn cartilage, or maybe even an infection.

Scheduling An Appointment for Surgery

In the event that your knee injury is serious, you may need to schedule an appointment with the knee surgeon. We have convenient office location in Bartlett, Elgin, and Schaumberg, and your doctor will explain the procedure and the post-op process so that you feel comfortable. We can help you overcome your pain and get the movement and mobility you want in your knees.

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