Proper Treatment for Chronic Neck Pain

The average person will experience some type of neck pain in their lifetime. It’s often temporary, and is usually the result of pulling a muscle or sleeping in a poor position. However, some people will have chronic neck pain that makes turning the head difficult or affects the overall condition of the spine, causing back and hip pain. Suburban Orthopaedics is an integrative orthopedic practice with offices in Bartlett, Elgin, and Schaumburg. Our team of experienced orthopedic specialists helps patients with all types of neck pain, whether temporary or chronic.

Cervical Disc Degeneration Pain

The neck is composed of vertebrates that rely on cervical discs for comfort. These discs have a jelly like substance that help to cushion the neck and spinal column, making it easy to walk, run, and perform any other type of regular movement. If this substance begins to wear down, it can cause the discs to push closer together. This adds stress to the joints and may cause the disc to herniate. In the event of a severely herniated disc, an orthopedic surgeon may recommend neck surgery.

Neck Pain from an Injury

Our office treats patients who suffer from neck pain as the result of an accident or other injury. Whiplash, a condition where the neck is whipped back and forth quickly and aggressively can cause headaches, neck pain, and future back problems if not treated effectively. Our orthopedic team can help you avoid future problems by diagnosing your condition and recommending the best course of treatment. Don’t let neck pain linger too long, because even a small, fixable problem could eventually become something more serious.

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