Getting Physical Therapy in Schaumburg

If you need physical therapy in the Schaumburg area, the Bartlett location of the Suburban Orthopaedics clinic is a short drive away. Many orthopedic surgeons recommend physical therapy after surgery. Whether you’ve had Spinal Surgery, bunion surgery, ankle surgery, knee surgery, or another surgery from an orthopedic surgeon, we can help. We have extensive experience with post-operative physical therapy, as well as with physical therapy for those recovering from stroke, a sports injury, a car or motorcycle accident, and more. Our extensive list of testimonials can help you see just how much expertise you’ll get when you visit one of our physical therapy clinics.

Physical Therapy for Those Recovering from Stroke

Those recovering from stroke can benefit greatly from physical therapy. Do you have trouble walking? Are you having problems moving your hands and arms? Physical therapy can help.

Suburban Orthopaedic – A Short Trip from Schaumburg

Our Elgin and Bartlett Suburban Orthopaedics locations are both accessible from Schaumburg. If you would like to make an appointment, or your orthopedic surgeon has recommended physical therapy for you, then contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and to book an appointment for you with one of our skilled physical therapy team members. Our skilled and fully trained staff strive to put you at ease and to help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and get your life back after an injury, accident, or surgery. We have access to a variety of equipment, techniques, and ongoing training and education in order to ensure we provide our clients the latest in physical therapy methods. You’ll be in good hands!

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