Seeking the Right Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint that works with three other bones to create fluid movement of the shoulder. Age or injury is the two most common reasons that people start to experience shoulder pain. There are various reasons for shoulder pain, and non-invasive treatments are often the first step in trying to provide relief from the pain. At Suburban Orthopaedics, we perform a thorough assessment of your pain and determine the best course of action. We have offices in Bartlett, Elgin, and Schaumburg, making it convenient for our patients to schedule an appointment.

Minor Injuries from Overuse or Tears

Minor injuries can cause major pain, and we understand that you want relief as soon as possible. Shoulder pain that is severe can cause a loss of movement, or can restrict your ability to perform daily activities. With overuse injuries or tears, we may recommend non-invasive treatments, like restricting activity or medical pain management while the area heals. However, we will recommend shoulder surgery for severe injuries that will only get worse with continued use.

Shoulder Bone Fractures

One cause of major shoulder pain is a fracture of the shoulder bone. The shoulder is composed of the upper arm bone, collarbone, and shoulder blade. Dislocations and breaks often need emergency care and require some type of shoulder surgery. Our team of orthopedic doctors specializes in surgery and will answer all of your questions about any scheduled procedure. Our goals are to help you recover from your injury, and to maintain the same type of movement as you experienced before your injury or onset of pain.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment. We’ll be glad to explain your options and help you live a life free of shoulder pain.

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