The Benefits of Spinal Surgery for Patients with Back Problems

More than half of the general population will suffer from some type of back problem in their lifetime. Back problems occur from injuries to the back, degeneration of the cervical discs and spine, and improper alignment because of poor posture or consistent carrying of heavy items. Back pain affects men and women equally, with both experiencing similar symptoms of lower and upper back pain. One way to alleviate back pain symptoms and regain your quality of life is to undergo surgery of the spine.

Spinal Surgery Effective for Many Patients

People hear the words spinal surgery and immediately get nervous about someone messing with their back. But did you know that a competent spine surgeon has years of training and experience in both minimally invasive and intricate spinal surgeries? These surgeons understand how one procedure could drastically change the way someone moves and their range of mobility.

At Suburban Orthopaedics, we have a spine surgeon who spends much of his energy on learning new, innovative ways to treat spinal conditions through different forms of surgery and treatments. Whether you need relief from a degenerative disc, lumbar fusion, or treatment for spinal fractures, our office offers premier spine surgery procedures and treatment.

Relief from Back Pain

Depending on your situation, you may find that spinal surgery provides you with the relief you need from chronic back pain. Many surgeries work to correct friction of the spinal column or remove areas that are pressing on the nerves. Once your post-op period is over, you may be surprised at how quickly you recover, and regain range of mobility and an overall sense of better health. If you live in the Bartlett, Elgin, or Schaumburg areas, we invite you to schedule an evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate for spinal surgery.

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