Help for Overuse Injuries in the Wrist and Arm

Overuse wrist injuries are becoming more common. Some athletes experience wrist pain on one side as a result of repetitive use playing baseball, golf, bowling, or some other sport that relies heavily on the wrist. People who have office jobs and spend a lot of time typing on a keyboard may experience carpal tunnel pain that affects the wrist and the arm. To understand the cause of wrist pain, your orthopedic will evaluate the problem using diagnostic tests and then try non-invasive treatments before recommending wrist surgery.

Symptoms of Chronic Wrist Pain

Many people don’t consider how important the wrist is and don’t consider it as the source of pain in the hand or arm. Unless the wrist hurts severely or the person suffers an injury to the wrist, many people ignore symptoms that could signify a serious problem. If you have wrist pain that includes numbness, tingling, or burning, then nerves are possibly being compromised by the joints in your wrist. If you have pain that radiates from your hand to your upper arm, the source could be a problem within the wrist.

Treatment for Wrist Pain

If your doctor suspects inflammation, like a form of arthritis or compression of the nerves, he may recommend rest for the affected area and some type of medication for pain relief. If this doesn’t work, there are minimally invasive surgical procedures that can help with carpal tunnel or other types of pain associated with the wrist. The orthopedic team at Suburban Orthopaedics works out of offices in Bartlett, Elgin, and Schaumburg, making it easy to find a location near you. Call us today to find out the source of your arm, hand, or wrist pain.

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