One of the most important aspects of our treatment at Suburban Orthopaedic is our goal to have patients feel they are part of their own treatment planning. We strive to have a collaborative approach to medicine and treatment where our patients can ask questions and get the answer they need to make the most informed decisions possible.

We encourage questions and open discussion, but we realize posing questions to a spine surgery specialist can be a bit challenging. To get things started, we recommend every patient ask about these specific issues if surgery is being considered.

Other Options

Not all spinal conditions require surgical procedures. In fact, we find most patients would like to try all other possible options before making the decision to have the surgery completed. Our spine surgery specialists will be happy to talk to you about non-surgical options for treatment if they are possible.

For some patients and in some conditions, surgery may pose more risks than provide benefits. Our doctors will be open and honest about prognosis post-procedure as well as how long the recovery period will take, just have these discussions well in advance of any scheduled procedure.

Medical Training

If you are dealing with our spine surgery specialists or if you are working with another doctor or clinic it is critical to ask about training. Our specialists are fully trained in a range of different minimally invasive and cutting edge spinal surgeries, many which greatly reduce recovery time as well as the risk of any complications during or after the procedure.

However, besides just general medical training and spinal surgical experience, ask about the doctor’s level of experience with your procedure. The more times the procedure has been completed, the more confidence you can have in the doctor’s understanding of the method.

Delaying Procedure

You may be surprised to find that not all spinal health issues requiring surgery need the surgery done immediately. In fact, often changes in lifestyle and learning how to move in ways to limit the pressure or stress on the spine can help to control pain and discomfort.

While this is not the same as treatment, our spine surgery specialist may recommend this option for patients who could benefit from delaying the procedure. Delaying surgery because of other health issues, work related demands, scheduling time off for recovery or even because of financial issues are all considerations to discuss with our specialists in advance of the procedure.