Our physical therapists at Suburban Orthopaedics work with a wide range of patients from children to adults to seniors. While most of the patients we provide therapy to are recovering from injuries or surgeries, others are in physical therapy because of stroke, neurological problems, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders or because of developmental issues.

All of our professionals offering physical therapy are licensed and have all the requirements to provide services in the state. We are happy to have several therapists with a Doctor of Physical Therapy or a Master of Physical Therapy degree in addition to years of experience in working with clients.

However, no matter what level of education, professional experience and training the physical therapists has, there are still things you can do as a patient to help in your own recovery. By avoiding common mistakes patients make and following the entire course of your physical therapy treatment you will obtain the best possible results.

Ask Questions and Provide Information

If you are wondering why physical therapists are recommending a specific exercise, activity, or change in the way you are moving, be sure to ask. Our physical therapists will explain the specific reasons he or she is recommending and requiring a specific treatment option.

You should also feel comfortable in talking to our physical therapist if any exercise or activity is causing you pain or discomfort in the injured area of your body or elsewhere. Accommodations can be provided to eliminate the pain while still giving you the benefit of the activity.

Avoid Over Activity

When it comes to activity and exercises at home and between sessions, there is the possibility of too much of a good thing. Follow the specific activity levels, intensities, or number of reps your physical therapist recommends. Don’t add extra activity or exercises you may see recommended on some website online.

If you do want to try a particular exercise, just ask your physical therapist about it at your next appointment. He or she can discuss any concerns or work it into your rehab program.

Attend Every Appointment

Another common mistake people make is to stop seeing our physical therapists too soon. By continuing on with the full recommended number of sessions the muscles and soft tissue around the injured area can rebuild to protect the area from re-injury.

Our rehab staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have or to talk to you about your physical therapy plan. By asking questions and following your plan, you will see improvement, and you will be on the road to full recovery as quickly as possible.