As we age, it is normal to see some loss of motion in our joints. Aches and pains, like arthritis, can get worse over time and at some point may become so severe that the joint itself needs to be replaced. In these cases an orthopaedic surgeon will replace the functionality of the joint, allowing for a relief of pain as well as restoring function to the joint. 

When the shoulder joint is being replaced it can be difficult to restore the full range of motion the patient may once have had. The shoulder itself is a ball and socket joint and moves in many different directions so be replacing the joint it sometimes suffers a loss of full motion because of the pure functionality of the instruments used to replace the joint itself. 

Dr. Chhadia specializes in a surgical procedure known as the Reverse Shoulder Replacement in which the ball and socket of the joint are reversed which then allows for more motion and functionality of the entire arm. This procedure, typically not well known, has shown great success in patients who have suffered from severe arthritis and are still active enough to need and want the full functionality of their arm. 

To learn more about this procedure from Dr. Chhadia you can attend his lecture series on February 21st, 2013 at Sherman Hospital. For more information on the event please call (630) 233-7019 or email us at