iFuse Implant System®

SI Joint Fusion With The iFuse Implant System®

The procedure used by Dr. Thomas A. McNally, is the most common: the iFuse Implant System, developed by SI-Bone, Inc., of San Jose, California. In October 2016, he and the president of SI-Bone, as well as a few other surgeons went in front of HCSC/Blue Cross/Blue Shield Administration and medical doctors, and presented data on iFuse and the outcomes they had seen over the past eight years. They fought for their patients to get covered – and now it’s exclusively covered.

The iFuse is a minimally invasive surgical option, designed to be easier and less invasive than traditional open surgical SI joint fusion. The iFuse Implant System is indicated for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis. The procedure typically involves three small titanium implants surgically inserted across the SI joint. It is designed to create a durable construction to stabilize the SI joint. The procedure is done through a small incision and takes about an hour. The surgeon determines the release time based on post-surgical progress and occupation. Post-operative pain is usually isolated to the incision area.

With the iFuse Implant System, there is no need for BMP in conjunction with autologous bone graft, additional pedicle screws, and rods, hollow modular anchorage screws, cannulated compression screws, threaded cages within the joint, or fracture fixation screws.

In a randomized controlled trial, 80 percent of the patients that had the iFuse procedure met the strict success criteria, and 90 percent of the patients were satisfied and would have the procedure again. Long-term pain relief and improved function have been demonstrated in three publications, sharing results up to five years.

Dr. McNally is participating in a national study for SI Joint Fusion, described here.

iFuse Potential Benefits:

  • Less invasive than traditional open SI joint fusion surgery with no extensive soft tissue stripping
  • Plus: minimal incision size (approximately 2-3 cm long) and minimal tendon irritation
  • Straightforward minimally invasive surgical approach
  • Designed for maximum joint stability
  • Triangular implant profile minimizes rotation and an interference fit minimizes micromotion
  • Rigid titanium constructs provide enhanced stability
  • Porous plasma spray coating
  • Larger implant surface area designed to maximize post-surgical weight bearing capacity
  • Biomechanically rigorous implant designed specifically to stabilize the heavily loaded SI joint
  • The iFuseimplant has 3X shear and 7X bending strength compared with screws1

Simplified surgical procedure with iFuse

  • Pin, drill, broach, insert implants, and close
  • Procedure takes about an hour
  • Potential for less blood loss and reduced soft tissue stripping

The following images are of the SI Joint – iFuse Implant System

Watch video of SI Joint Fusion procedure

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