New Therapy Technique Brings Patients Much Needed Relief!

In an industry of constant growth, there is always a new innovative procedure or technique to help patients find relief with their injuries and pain. The Physical Therapy world is no different and neither is Suburban Orthopaedics! Jason Redeker, our lead Physical Therapist at our Elgin office is a certified ASTYM provider and has been using these techniques to help in his patient’s rehabilitation.

ASTYM is a type of soft tissue therapy developed to resolve the underlying causes of pain instead of temporarily relieving symptoms of pain. Designed to resolve a multitude of conditions, ASTYM is a short course of treatment that is noninvasive, safe, and groundbreaking in its scientific research and results.

ASTYM uses specifically designed tools to stimulate the body in order for it to break down and reabsorb problematic

 and dysfunctional tissue. It can be used on a multitude of conditions from sprains and strains to plantar fasciitis and post-operative scar tissue. Jason says that using ASTYM on his patients “is relatively pain-free and an excellent adjunct to traditional physical therapy techniques.” He goes on to explain “when ASTYM is paired with hands on physical therapy and a comprehensive home exercise program it allows the body and more importantly the patient to function at a higher level. ”


As a form of rehabilitation, our general orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ankur Chhadia says that ASTYM for patients “is an additional option that can help alleviate those difficult cases of chronic muscle and tendon disorders that have not responded to the more basic therapy modalities. It is definitely something to be tried before heading down the road of injections and/or surgery which are usually last resort options for these conditions.” When asked by patients if this treatment technique is beneficial Dr. Chhadia says that “results have been better than expected in my experience thus far and I continue to prescribe it when indicated.” ASTYM is growing in its use by Physical Therapists and can treat a variety of conditions including:

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