As the New Year has now entered into its first week we wanted to take this week’s blog and dedicate it to weight loss and the infamous New Years’ Resolutions.

If any of you are avid exercise enthusiasts you no doubt will notice a hike in attendance in your gym of choice once the New Year has begun. Hundreds flock to gyms, treadmills, and weight rooms with the intent of getting fit and achieving new found goals.

At Suburban Orthopaedics we support and promote all of our patients to live happy and healthy lives and in conjunction with that, we have a few tips to help motivate your goals and keep you moving throughout the year!


Diets, especially fad diets are very common especially in the beginning of the year. There is no quick fix for healthy weight loss, no pill, no secret milkshake, and no supplement that will instantaneously make you healthy without adjusting your diet and exercise plans. Before you start taking any pill, excluding things from your diet, or jumping onto a diet train first check with your doctor and make sure that it is something healthy and that will work for you.

Aside from the marketable fast weight loss tactics, in general try to decrease your portions and caloric intake of your everyday food. Eating more vegetables and fruits will always add to your overall health and energy levels.


Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day will keep you well hydrated and even help keep you feeling full. Staying hydrated is most important in everyone’s everyday health as it keeps your muscles and joints flowing and moving well and easily. Drinking more water and eliminate pop and sugar filled drinks is a healthy addition to anyone’s diet!


If you have decided to begin or continue an exercise program make sure that it is within the limits of your physical ability. All too often people can jump into a workout regimen too fast and will end up suffering an injury. If you are taking a new spin class, want to train to run a marathon, or even want to pick up some free weights keep in mind there is always technique and important tips to know about the exercises you perform. Again, check in with your physician before you begin your program to make sure you do not do anything that can harm you.

We encourage all of our patients and friends to continue on the track to being healthy and support everyone’s efforts as the New Year begins. Remember, if you do find yourself injured during your exercise routine Suburban Orthopaedics’ physicians are always here to evaluate and treat any injury you may have!

Happy New Year!