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Ankur Chhadia, MD
Board Certified
Orthopaedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery, Joint Replacement, Shoulder and Knee.

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I have had a great experience with Dr. Chhadia. I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder from too many dislocations. They put 6 anchors and sutures in my shoulder. So far, it’s 2 months post surgery and it feels much better. My shoulder mobility is great so far. Very knowledgeable and seem  like they really care about their patients. * Yelp Review

- Great Experience

I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to start therapy and get back into normal living..Dr. Chhaddia did a great job with the surgery and follow up that even my therapist are starting to recommended him to patients…

- William B.(

My experience with Dr Chhadia was nothing but positive. I was referred to him for shoulder pain. He took the steps necessary for a quick diagnosis. A short time later I am pain free.

- Tracey(

Dr. Chhadia was great from start to finish with my hip replacement. My hip had reached a point where I was walking with a cane. It’s been about 8 weeks now since my surgery l and I’m living with no pain and back to my daily routine. I’m back to work and the gym five days a week. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chhadia

- John D.(

I took my daughter to Dr. Chhadia after we had seen 2 other surgeons in the area. They had recommended surgery for her knee injury and I wanted to get another opinion. Within a minute of meeting Dr. Chhadia, I knew I had come to the right doctor. He quickly diagnosed her problem (even though it had taken the other doctors several trials of wrong therapy before they figured it out). He told us the problem, and the different options we had to fix it. Even my daughter felt at ease as he explained everything in a thorough manner but without talking down to us. We have seen our share of doctors and I know how hard it is to find someone with that combination. As a parent, you want the very best for your children, and I felt very confident trusting my daughter to Dr. Chhadia’s care. I now know i made the right decision, as he successfully fixed her knee and she is now fully recovered. I recommend dr. Chhadia to anyone of my family and friends. We are happy to have find such a caring and competent doctor.

- –from Vitals

Due to an old injury and arthritis, I needed a total shoulder replacement. Dr Chhadia was great – virtually no pain from the surgery or after!! Physical therapy afterwards gave me a better than anticipated range of motion.

- Henry Payne

Dr. Chhadia gave excellent care to my father when he broke his femur. He answered me and my mother’s questions and put us at ease before my father had to go into surgery, the care he received afterwards was excellent. It was comforting to have dr. Chhadia tend to my father, he has a great reputation and even one of the nurses before my father went to surgery spoke highly of him because Dr had performed surgery on one of her family members. Thank you Dr. Chhadia for all that you do. My family is very thankful that my father was in the best hands.

- Julie A

“I had a visit with Dr. Chhadia for my shoulders (torn rotator cuffs). He was wonderful to talk to. Dr. Chhadia gave me a shot in both shoulders, which my previous doctor for some reason would not do. I have, for the first time in months, slept with no pain and have no pain at all now!
Thank you Dr. Chhadia!”

- Keith K. (via Yelp!)

Suburban Orthopaedics is by far the best medical facility I’ve ever been to. Their imaging, physical therapy and medical centers are as professional as they get. Dr. Ankur Chhadia is an excellent physician and I highly recommend him for any type of shoulder treatment. He has performed two rotator cuff surgeries on me in the past 12 months and the treatment I received was exceptional.

- Lori-Jayne K. (via Yelp!)

My son dislocated his shoulder in a high school football game. Because of the commitment of Dr. Freedberg and Dr. Chhadia to attend these games, my son was treated on the field by Dr. Freedberg and surgery was done by Dr. Chhadia. I am a RN, and while at Ashton Surgical Center, I was so impressed with Dr. Chhadia and the center, I ended up as an employee there. I see the everyday results of Dr. Freedberg and Dr. Chhadia’s handiwork, and I have to tell you, they are incredible surgeons!!! The care, compassion and skill these physicians have are far beyond what I have witnessed in my nursing career. We were so lucky to have these fine physicians take care of my son. Jason’s shoulder is now stronger than before he injured it. The expertise of Dr. Chhadia and the PT team is beyond incredible! We are blessed to have Suburban Ortho in Bartlett, and in our lives!!! Thank you so much for all you have done.

- Kristin Anderson

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