I was a bit nervous when I began looking for an orthopedic surgeon to help me with my shoulder issues. I was suffering from the lingering effects of a 2010 car accident and I didn’t want to simply “get rid of pain”. I wanted to get back to where I was…able to do what I wanted athletically and in daily living. The #1 thing that jumped out at me from the information I gathered on the Web was Dr. Freedberg’s extensive background in athletic injuries. I’ve had a very good experience with the entire Suburban Orthopaedics team, including the PT guys. I could have done PT anywhere with Dr. Freedberg’s blessing. But when I checked out the state-of-the-art PT facility in Bartlett and watched people doing very interesting exercises, I felt that driving the extra 20 miles to Bartlett would improve my chances of a full recovery. I had previously tried another PT group and the results were so-so (old equipment, not-so-interesting exercises). It was great having a fully licensed therapist stand by my side during all of my exercises. At this time I feel great and expect to be back to 100% very soon.