I first came to Dr. Freedberg few years ago for a second opinion about my left TKR. He examined me, took an X-ray and said “it looks like your surgeon did a great job”. This really put my mind at ease.

Later I came back with terrible pain in my elbow which he fixed surgically. It was a tremendous success. Not only was I pain free but I got back to lifting weights (always carefully)…I’ve been doing 3 sets of 8 curls at 40 lbs. 3 times a week along with my regular regimen of pushups etc… ever since. No problems.

2 years ago I returned with bad hip pain…despite some misgivings I elected to have total hip replacement as per his recommendation. I finished the rehab a month ago. I am pain free and enjoying SLEEPING through the night.

Obviously Dr. Freedberg is a talented technical surgeon but that is not my reason for writing this review. It is his one on one no nonsense approach to medicine that has impressed me.

He listens, he is good humored and explains all options and procedures until the patient understands and is able to make their OWN decision. When making my decision to have the hip replaced it was also nice to know he had a personal perspective…he went through the same procedure himself.

I especially have appreciated his “no nonsense” approach to medicine.

“You want physical therapy or ant-inflammatory? Or both?”… “Let’s try a shot of cortisone” … “We have a great physical therapy department here… oh that’s not convenient? Where do YOU want to go?”… ”Dennis that shoulder may have an impingement but let’s try some PT first. If it’s still giving you trouble we’ll do an MRI” “I like the way your hip looks on the x-ray ; you don’t have to come back for nine months BUT if you ever have any type of orthopedic problem before that give me a call.”

All doctor offices get busy and all doctors are rushed at times. It’s no different at Suburban Orthopedic. They are helping a lot of PEOPLE.
But I’ve been to this facility enough to know that the quality, respect and care that I am looking for is always there.

I highly recommend Suburban Orthopedics.