“I worked as a driver on a garbage truck and one day I was stepping down out of the cab when the step I was using broke. I fell, pinning my leg, and twisting my knee which caused me the pain I was feeling. I went and saw Dr. Freedberg and after X-Rays and an MRI he told me that I had torn my meniscus in my knee. He recommended I had surgery and to my surprise it was a very easy surgery, so easy in fact I walked out of the hospital that day! The recovery was also easy although through my progress some pain still lingered. I was so impressed with Dr. Freedberg and his staff that I returned to him for another evaluation and we discovered arthritis in my knee so advanced that I am now in need of a knee replacement. Since this news I have worked my hardest and lost 60 pounds, I have gone back to school and will soon graduate with my Masters Degree and certificate to begin a new career in education. Everybody at Suburban Ortho really cares about their patients and what they need. They are helpful, kind, professional and do not waste your time! Dr. Freedberg is not only a great surgeon and doctor but a wonderful person. He really takes his time to tell you what he is going to do and talks very respectfully; he treats you like a person and not “just a patient” and I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Dr. Freedberg!”