Dr. Howard Freedberg and Suburban Orthopedics offers state-of-the-art facilities, accurate, reliable and professional diagnosis and treatment. If he was a quarterback, he would be Tom Brady, and the team around him, the New England Patriots. Dr. F handled my meniscus repair with ease, and virtually no pain.
Details: Dr. Freedberg diagnosed my meniscal tear accurately and professionally using MRI. You would think this is par for the course, but it is not. (Thinking I just had a sprain, I had previously seen a top orthopedic at a large practice near our house who took only an X-ray and opined “you have inflammation, and possibly a pinched or torn meniscus. It might get better, if not come back and see me.” He also gave me a tutorial on why MRIs aren’t really all that helpful because “everybody has some meniscus damage over time.”) Turns out I didn’t “get better”, I got worse, my knowledgeable sister urged me to get an MRI, so I sought out Dr. Freedberg this time, as we have a long history, and I had lost faith and confidence in the other physician, for that and other reasons. For example, the “other” doctor’s assistant gave me a cheap and ineffective knee brace, again opining “probably Medicare will pay for it.” It wasn’t a “durable medical device” and so they didn’t. Duh. They should have known, but again, they weren’t all that patient-centric. What the hell, ey? Dr. Freedberg, on the other hand, has a staff just for durable medical devices; they provided me a deluxe $300 model, worked great, Medicare approved and covered. Dr. Freedberg also has on site MRI, PT, the works. Everything about Dr. Freedberg and Suburban Orthopedics is spot on, state-of-the-art, accurate, reliable and professional: no “opinions” vs. hard fact MRI diagnosis, no misdirection about DMD’s, Medicare reimbursements, etc. Now for the best part: the surgery. Normally quite outgoing, Dr. Freedberg had his game face on for the procedure, done at Ashton Surgery Center, near his office, did a great job, as I expected, I had no pain afterwards. Zero. I felt a little burning sensation on my knee in hours after, that went away. However: In the spirit of full disclosure, one problem ensued. The pre and post op surgical nurse at Ashton Surgery Center (who was otherwise a wonderful and sensitive person) urged me to take two Norcos, day and night, every four hours for several days (“set your alarm for middle of the night — you MUST stay ahead of the pain!!!” She never asked if I actually had any pain, just assumed I would be in agony, I guess). The actual pill bottle said take “only as needed,” one or two pills, but me being an (overly) dutiful patient I followed her advice, took 2 pills every four hours and got some terrific nausea and constipation from the hydrocodone (both abated in time). Bad advice. I actually never had any pain from the procedure, probably due to Dr. Freedberg’s skill. Dr. Freedberg is the best, so is his associate, Dr. Tony C. I saw Dr. Freedberg in 2009 for knee pain; he diagnosed me then with tight IT band, which was overcome with exercises. So it’s not all about surgery. He handled my son’s ACL tear many years ago; my son went on to do triathlon, marathon and squat 250 lbs for reps, more than 20 years later, with no problem. My daughter’s wrist injury he referred to a specialist (correctly). In conclusion, I live a long distance from Bartlett, but drive there willingly to go with the best. We trust and admire Dr. Freedberg, and I am happy to have him on my team as our go-to orthopedist. I highly recommend Dr. Freedberg. If you live southwest, great, if not, it’s worth the drive to have the no. 1 orthopedic physician on your side.