Dr. Freedberg is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable. His staff – especially his nurse Frances – brings compassion and deep knowledge of their roles to bear on their efforts.
I first began seeing Dr. Freedberg last summer when my rotator cuff began to shred. Dr. Freedberg took a cautious approach, trying everything he could before finally surgery was the only option. When the time for surgery arrived, he went in and did a thorough, detailed and skilled job, not only repairing multiple tears, but photographing the arthroscopy throughout so I could see what work was done and the damage beforehand.
Afterward, their staff at his physical therapy clinics is simply superb. From their thoughtful, well-designed layout, to their hands-on therapy, I knew I was on the road to recovery. Today I can say with certainty that, though pain accompanies all surgical procedures, I have no doubt whatever that I received exceptional care.
Sometimes you will wait beyond your scheduled appointment time. It’s because Dr. Freedberg takes time with his patients and when circumstances warrant, he will spend the extra time necessary in the course of treatment. Indeed, I was happy he wasn’t rushed during my surgery, which went far longer
than planned due to the damage he discovered once inside.
Dr. Freedberg gives you the information straight. He’s direct, but not rude or insensitive. I can only think of two, very minor criticisms. One, I am a person who researches deeply any topic regarding my medical care, including perusing medical texts and scholarly articles. As a result I wish I had been given more from the doc himself in this area. For most, however, his explanations are more than effective.
Second, is the phone system could use some tweaks. Physical therapy hours run before and after doctor’s office hours. But to reach physical therapy, you are first routed though the main office line, which opens and closes at the standard 9-5(ish) time. Consequently, if you are late for PT or need to reschedule and you call outside Suburban Orthopedics’ normal hours, you cannot get through to the PT staff, who are there earlier and later, Mon-Fri.
These items are not enough to reduce at top rating. I’m deeply grateful and satisfied with my care and recovery through Dr. Freedberg and his excellent practice.