I definitely do not have either enough words or the right words to tell you how much I love Suburban Orthopedics. I have known Dr. Freedberg forever and he has become a very dear friend. Dr. McNally and all of the therapists have been supportive and loving through everything I have gone through. You cannot go wrong becoming involved with this group of people. The staff is warm and caring and can’t help enough. If you do have concerns the office staff is ready and willing to listen and act on your behalf. I do not think that I have ever encountered a more well-rounded community who is totally dedicated to your well-being and care, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes you have to wait awhile to see the docs, but when you do it is totally worth it. They make you feel as though you are the most important person and I have never felt as though they were too busy or did not care. I LOVE Suburban Orthopaedic – I think you can tell I am a little biased.