The problem is where to start. I have had a couple of bad injuries. The first one was my lower back. My primary Doc. sent me to Suburban Ortho. I saw Dr. McNally. We tried therapy, injections with no luck. We decided on surgery. The time he took to explain things was awesome. It is not common these days to have a Dr. spend so much time with their Patients. The surgery was performed; the aftercare was second to none. Five months after I returned to work I fell off a ladder breaking my heel. (Ouch) I did not pass go and went straight to Suburban Ortho. I met with Dr. Freedberg. The only option was surgery. Surgery went well. The aftercare was again great. But as my luck would have it I had a second surgery that I am still recovering from. The compassion and knowledge of Dr. Freedberg is superior. The Staff is so caring. I need to mention Physical therapy, x-ray and MRI. Everyone is great. A true one stop shop. I can’t ask for anything better. I tell everyone how great Suburban Ortho is and always recommend them.