I saw Dr. Freedberg after I had surgery with another doctor for a full tear rotator cuff injury and seven months of physical therapy. I did not regain my full ROM and had pain, especially while sleeping on the affected shoulder. I decided to see Dr. Freedberg to see if there was something he could do. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He knew immediately that I had developed a frozen shoulder and would benefit from a minor procedure to manipulate the shoulder and break up the scar tissue that had formed since the previous surgery. Best decision I ever made. The procedure was fairly easy and recovery was great. With physical therapy, I was achieving ROM that I hadn’t even gotten close to before. I am now relatively pain free and have almost full ROM. Dr. Freedberg was great. He was very straightforward and took time to listen to any of my concerns and answer any questions. You’ll be happy you choose Dr. Freedberg