I went to Dr. Freedberg in September to get right knee checked. After exam it was determined I needed full knee replacement. Everyone at Suburban Orthopaedics is fantastic! Dr. Freedberg explained fully what the procedure would entail and what to expect with the outcome. He didn’t miss a beat. At my 6 week checkup it was hoped my knee would be bending at least 90 degrees. Even with hard work in therapy I came up short. I was then scheduled for manipulation under anesthesia with Dr. Freedberg. The manipulation was just what I needed to make my recovery. I just had my 3 month checkup and I am now bending my leg over 120 degrees. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and would recommend Dr. Freedberg to anyone needing knee surgery. Thanks to everyone at Suburban Orthopaedics for the wonderful care! See you at my 6 month checkup!!