Dr. Freedberg performed a tendon repair on my ankle after a work injury. Dr. was very thorough and the repair was a success. Dr. Freedberg made sure that I was comfortable and alleviated any worries or fears I had. He is a very busy MD and he still makes the time for each patient, which makes you feel as though you are their only patient. The doctor was late for surgery that day, as he had an emergency case. They made sure (as I was in the hospital waiting) that I was updated each step of the way. Afterward, I attended PT and the therapists were excellent and very committed to my care. They were very convenient with their hours and scheduling. I am not only a patient, but also an RN and have seen many, many doctors in my career and I can truly testify that Dr. Freedberg is top-notch. His staff is very friendly and accommodating. The entire office process is streamlined: from your initial convenient appt. to the lush office waiting area. Once you are in the room, they quickly send you for x-ray and their Rn does the initial history and physical. Usually you will then see Tony B. PA and he will exam you and prepare for Dr. Freedberg. Doctor will examine you and if any additional testing is required, they have an MRI right in his office. They really try to minimize time spent in the office. I was very impressed with the whole process. Tony B., Doctor Freedberg’s PA, is outstanding. He is gentle and thorough and very kind. Following surgery, I had additional pain and he and the entire office was so easy to get a hold of (even though it was evening). In this day and age, when there are so many doctors to choose from, I can really testify that this is the place to go!