My son dislocated his shoulder in a high school football game. Because of the commitment of Dr. Freedberg and Dr. Chhadia to attend these games, my son was treated on the field by Dr. Freedberg and surgery was done by Dr. Chhadia. I am a RN, and while at Ashton Surgical Center, I was so impressed with Dr. Chhadia and the center, I ended up as an employee there. I see the everyday results of Dr. Freedberg and Dr. Chhadia’s handiwork, and I have to tell you, they are incredible surgeons!!! The care, compassion and skill these physicians have are far beyond what I have witnessed in my nursing career. We were so lucky to have these fine physicians take care of my son. Jason’s shoulder is now stronger than before he injured it. The expertise of Dr. Chhadia and the PT team is beyond incredible! We are blessed to have Suburban Ortho in Bartlett, and in our lives!!! Thank you so much for all you have done.