I injured my left shoulder in a car accident in Oct. 2011. After months of physical therapy at a different therapeutic center, non-standard alternative medicine, unsuccessful arthroscopic surgery by another well-known orthopedic doctor and yet more therapy, I was just about at the end of my rope with chronic 24/7 pain and extremely limited ROM. A friend at work strongly recommended Dr. Freedberg. I made an appt. and was finally correctly diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome that required surgical intervention. I had a very good surgical experience at St. Alexis’s new Day Surgery Center. Dr. Freedberg surgically released all the adhesions in my shoulder joint with impressively humane techniques. After only 2 months of intensive PT, I am thrilled to say I am almost 100%! If you’re in need of an excellent orthopedic surgeon, I heartily recommend Dr. Freedberg!