I have been a patient of Dr. Howard Freedberg for both osteoarthridic knees since 2011. I have always felt like he sincerely cares about my wwll-being, treatment plan, and comfort in mobility throughout many(19) injections both knees combined. He told me he will stick with me and help me remain an active fitness instructor. He’s the best! Connie M. (via Facebook) Dr Freedberg and Dr Chhadia are the Very Best,,everyone in the Bartlett office are great to work with Christine (via Facebook). I worked as surgical tech for 12 years and had the chance to work with Howard Freedberg 20 years ago. I was amazed at the recovery of his patients. He would bring in patients and re-scope the joint after recovery and the joint would look like new. I remembered that when I was needing some orthopaedic help with my knee. I just had my knee scope done I am pleased to be on the mend. I would recommend Dr. Freedberg to anyone with orthopaedic issues.LoriI have been a patient at Suburban Orthopaedics for many years, and have been a patient of Dr. Freedberg for almost as long. During that time, I had the physicians at Suburban Orthopaedics do surgical work on my elbow, and the procedure was an unqualified success. Not only was the surgery itself successful, the pre- and post-operative care was outstanding. I am a medical professional myself, and thus do not hand out recommendations often, but if you need orthopaedic care, you would be hard-pressed to find better care than that offered by Dr. Freedberg and his staff.