I am so fortunate to have had Suburban Orthopaedics and Dr. Freedberg recommended to me by my family physician. My name is Robert and I worked as a letter carrier for the Post Office for 25 years. Over those 25 years walking many mail routes and going up and down thousands of stairs helped advance osteoarthritis in my right knee and right shoulder. I was walking with a terrible limp and tremendous pain. Dr. Freedberg recommended a total knee replacement and surgery to my shoulder. It’s been almost 2 years since having my right knee replaced and just over a year since my shoulder surgery. Long story short, I now walk without a limp and little if any pain. I can also lift my arm in a normal way without pain. There are some limitations. No more jogging and I won’t be able to pitch any more. I can now live a normal retired life. Thank you Dr. Freedberg and everybody at Suburban Orthopedics.