I just felt like I had to sit down and write this note to you to tell you what a wonderful doctor you are and what a wonderful assistant you have also. You two make me feel like I am not a bother, Like I feel I am so many times. What I am really in awe at is the nurse you have. No one can ever replace Frannie and I hope you know and appreciate that. I have been to many doctors with all my illnesses and have never felt so comfortable with ANY nurse, after only a few visits, like I feel with Frannie. She is a very compassionate and caring person in general and it is wonderful to be hugged by a nurse because you are in pain and scared to death. Frannie returned a call to me this morning that I already had taken care of, but as I was hanging up I found myself telling her that I love her and she responded back that she loves me. This I think is, WAY BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. She is great and she is one that makes coming to your office a highlight of my day. THUMBS UP TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! Thanks Again”