After having a horrible experience with a torn meniscus arthroscopy in 2006 by a Florida Orthopedics Surgeon; I was not overjoyed when I learned a slip on the ice from the Chicago winter in 2011 had caused me yet another torn meniscus.

However, my fears were quickly turned around by Dr. Howard Freedberg and his staff; their professionalism and sincere concern for my return to health was the best I have seen. Yes, Dr. Freedberg has on occasion run behind when I have been to his office; yet upon arrival the office staff on Schick would always alert me of any delays in case it would interfere with my schedule – now that’s service! Upon seeing Dr. Freedberg, he would not rush me through just because he was behind. He takes the time giving a thorough exam and answers all of my questions. When needed; he would personally walk me to another member of his staff that would be assisting me further. Now that is Great Service!

My first surgery with Dr. Freedberg was in April 2010 for my left knee. What a difference in my rehab and subsequent outcome from the right knee surgery I had in 2006. I was back to work in a week with minimal swelling (took 6 weeks to rehab in 2006).

My husband was terminally ill at the time and getting to rehab was very difficult. His staff worked with me providing me with the needed knowledge to rehab from home. I do remember the one time I went in, they measured my left knee then my right… seemed confused and re-measured. I laughed and stated… “Your measurement is correct; Dr. Freedberg did such a wonderful job that I literally had no swelling in my left knee at only 2 weeks post op! My right knee has never gone back to its original size after the same surgery in 2006.”

Yet another fall late in 2012 and another torn meniscus in my left knee, my deductible met for 2012 with little time left to get my surgery in before the New Year; Dr. Freedberg and his staff rushed it through for me. My surgery was completed on 12/31/2012.

Dr. Freedberg has always stopped in to see how I am doing prior to surgery, marking the leg for surgery himself to ensure the correct leg is taken care of. He meets with my family afterwards providing them with the outcome of the surgery; then he follows up with me personally by phone the next day to see how I am doing. Here I am only a week post op after yet another fall causing a torn meniscus in my left knee, and again minimal swelling and I can already bend it to 45 degree angle.

I highly recommend this office and personally recommend Dr. Freedberg for his compassion, and superior surgical skills with any orthopedic care you need, it will be the best decision you can make towards taking charge of your own health.