Dr. Howard Freedberg or should I say the “Knee Expert” this man is the absolute best at what he does. Dr. Freedberg has an undeniable confidence in what he does that rubs off on you from the moment you meet him. You can tell that he cares about your well-being pre-surgery and post-surgery. I am 24 years old and have had knee surgery on both of my knees (torn cartilage, subluxing kneecap) from years of playing sports. I am missing a hefty amount of cartilage in both my knees but do not notice any pain/discomfort on a daily basis. Dr. Freedberg has done an exceptional job to say the least. If you want all encompassing care starting with pre-surgery planning to surgery all the way to rehabilitation/total recovery then get yourself to Dr. Freedberg’s office.

Dr. Freedberg I just want to say “thank you and you are “The Man”