Many of us participate in sports and other recreational activities as a way to get in shape and improve our overall health status. As most athletes know, however, participating in sports activities can also lead to a number of orthopaedic injuries. Learn how you can protect yourself by reading over these tips for preventing some common sports-related injuries. 

Running Athletes at a Marathon

Warm Up Before Exercising

It is important to warm up your body for at least 10 minutes before engaging in any type of exercise. This will not only prepare your muscles, tendons, and ligaments for activity, but will also help reduce your chances of a sprain or strain.

Condition Your Body

Conditioning your body is one of the best ways to prevent a sports injury. However, the training methods and techniques needed to strengthen your body against injury will vary based on the sport in which you are participating.

Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

Another way to reduce your risk of a sports-related injury is to invest in the proper safety equipment. This includes items such as helmets, shin-guards, mouth-guards, shoulder padding, and properly fitting shoes.

Allow Your Body Time to Heal

Strains and sprains are bound to happen, especially if you are participating in contact sports or those that require frequent starting, stopping, or pivoting. While these types of injuries are relatively minor, they can lead to more serious injuries if they do not heal correctly. For this reason, it is crucial to allow your body sufficient time off after a sprain or strain before getting back on the field.

Visit Your Orthopaedic Surgeon

Visiting your orthopaedic surgeon at the first sign of a sports injury will not only provide you with the care you need, but can also minimize your risk for re-injury or more serious complications.

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