All too often after a long day of work, starting a new exercise program, or over doing it a little too much our body can get sore; but how long should soreness last? If you have aches and pains that linger in your joints you may be suffering from tendinitis. Tendinitis is when the tendons that connect your muscles to your bones become over worked and inflame (or swell). Signs and symptoms that you might be suffering from tendinitis are joint stiffness, a burning sensation around the joint that often fades with decreased activity, swelling, or redness/heat of the skin. Physical Therapist, and Bartlett Physical Therapy facility manager, Ryan Borri says that most likely with tendinitis patients feel “a burning or ache felt along the affected region that can occur during and/or linger following increased activity.  These symptoms can result in lack of strength and avoidance of specific movements that can cause joint stiffness”

Tendinitis may be easy to diagnose, but can be difficult to heal. Time and rest are often the quickest way to alleviate pain but how can you guarantee that the symptoms won’t arise again with continued activity? Ryan tells us that “avoiding aggravating movements or heavy lifting along with applying ice to the affected region will help with the initial onset of symptoms.  Once symptoms start to subside stretching activities along with appropriate strengthening activities should be performed to prevent future symptoms aggravation.  Proper lifting mechanics with household and/or work activities are important.  If conducting a new exercise program, start slowly at an appropriate level that correlates with your physical abilities.  Gradually increasing resistance and repetitions will allow for your muscles to adapt appropriately without causing further problems.” 

Incorporating physical therapy and rehabilitation has been a corner stone of healing musculoskeletal injuries for centuries. Working with a physical therapist can benefit a patient exponentially. The body is a very complex machine and has many parts that all factor into injury and healing. Physical Therapists know how to isolate specific muscles and movements to increase the strength necessary to heal a vast number of different injuries and ailments. Whether you have a massive surgery and need to reeducate your muscles and body to heal properly or if you suffer from tendinitis, our Physical Therapists can help you get back to a healthy pain free daily life!

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