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Suburban Orthopaedics is highly respected as the foremost provider of orthopaedic surgery for patients across the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. We understand how devastating sports injuries, work injuries and chronic pain can be in that those injuries can cause great debilitating pain and interfere with your ability to perform certain tasks and to engage in specific activities. Consequently, if you are having musculoskeletal problems, the only name you need to know is Suburban Orthopaedics. Patients are well aware that they can rely upon us to evaluate, diagnose and treat their injuries at our orthopaedic center. Suburban Orthopaedics is renowned for having the most extraordinary orthopaedic surgeons in the region. Our Chicagoland patients persist in selecting our orthopaedic specialists over those of the competition.
We deliver the most exceptional care to assist our patients in returning to their normal activities as soon as possible. Regardless if you are golf pro on a Midwestern tour, or you are a weekend golfer with friends from work, you can expect our orthopaedic doctors to establish the most appropriate means for you to manage any existing injuries you may have and to prevent any subsequent injuries in the future. No wonder Roselle residents prefer Suburban Orthopaedics
over all the rest.

Roselle Orthopaedic Surgery

Roselle, Illinois is in both Cook County and DuPage County and it has close to 23,000 residents living there. Bartlett, home of the nearest Suburban Orthopaedics facility, is conveniently located only seven miles west of Roselle. Roselle residents know that we offer the diagnosis and treatment options they deserve so that they can enjoy a healthier, pain-free life. In addition, Roselle residents are well aware that one should have to live with chronic back or neck pain. As a result, whenever they experience back or neck discomfort, Roselle residents get in touch with a pain management experts at Suburban Orthopaedics. Regardless of the type of injury Roselle residents have sustained, our orthopaedic doctors will be able to recommend to them the most suitable activities and exercises that will go far in contributing to their overall well-being, Also, we will be able to perform the necessary orthopaedic surgery they need in order to deter any future sports injuries.

Roselle Orthopaedic Doctor

Whatever you do, don’t be brought to a standstill with the pain and discomfort from an injury! Let the orthopaedic specialists at Suburban Orthopaedics instruct you on the most fitting exercises to help you stay strong. Also, you can count on the orthopaedic specialists also to provide you with helpful hints on the best diet for bone health and the most appropriate sleep posture. We are well aware of the many benefits by practicing preventative measures. Further, we prefer to arm patients on the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. You can always depend upon our team of orthopaedic specialists, physical therapists and pain management experts to help you take the reins of your own health in order to take control of any chronic pain problems. If you would like more information about how to manage any pain issues, call Suburban Orthopaedics, today, at: (630) 372-1100 for your consultation.

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