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Our Patient Centric Focus is applied not only to our medical and surgical care, but also to the general well-being of our patients. Injury prevention with sports specific training, work specific conditioning, and ergonomic work environment creation are just some of the wellness factors our Physicians will consider as part of the recommended options. Additional services to obtain and maintain bone and joint wellness and utilization of natural healing are something we are proud to offer.

  • Injury Prevention
  • Sports Rehab
  • Work Conditioning
  • Ergonomic Work and School Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise Optimization and Modification
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Natural Medication and Modalities
  • CBD Products

High-Quality CBD Tinctures and Topicals are Here to Help

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating, organic chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Unlike THC and pharmaceutical opioids, CBO has been shown to deliver a diverse range of therapeutic benefits without the undesirable side effects. CBD works by reacting to a vast network of receptors in the human body to regulate many physiological processes including pain modulation.

Promotes Healthy Immune Function

Relieves Pain

Reduces Inflammation

Relieves Anxiety

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