Ortho Casting and Bracing in Illinois

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Transient Supportive and Functional Braces and Immobilization are a mainstay treatment for many orthopaedic conditions.

Bracing goals are to provide stability, support, and maintain joint function and activity. Various types of bracing options exist and our Patient Centric Focus will help determine if and when and what type of bracing would benefit you the best. Our practice offers Specialized Brace Fitters that are certified to determine a proper fit and choice for each of our patients.

Casting, although not anyone’s choice, is often needed to treat fractures and provide stability until adequate healing has occurred. Our practice offers traditional fiberglass casts, well molded and form-fitting, applied by one of our well-trained Cast Technicians. We also offer Exos Form Fitting Molded Casts that offer additional conveniences of wettability, hygiene, comfort, and aesthetics.

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