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Medications for inflammation, pain, numbness, and post surgical symptoms are often used when more basic measures do not suffice. Traditional oral medications are used in many cases with an emphasis to maximize benefit and minimize side effects, drug interactions, and patient costs. Staying at the forefront with combination medications optimized to meet these goals is something we strive to achieve.

Topical (Application via skin of affected area) medications have become increasingly chosen by our physicians and patients as innovations have increased their efficacy and affordability while avoiding the systemic body side effects of oral medications. Our practice offers and dispenses these medicated creams when indicated at the office visit providing additional convenience to our patients.

Injections into a joint, tendon, bursa, or muscle are typically an option chosen for more significant ongoing symptoms and dysfunction despite other non-operative treatments. “Does it hurt?”, is probably the most common question our Physicians receive regarding this subject. Although some injections can be transiently painful most of the time they are well tolerated and less painful than expected by the patient. Injections can consist of numbing medication, steroid, visco-supplement (lubricant), platelet rich plasma, stem cells, and other up and coming biologically restorative substances.

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