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Suburban Orthopaedics offers our patients the convenience of receiving their diagnostic testing here within our office. Often for orthopaedic care and diagnosis a patient may need an X-Ray, MRI, or other such testing to allow our physicians to come to a more definitive diagnosis for a patient’s injury. Suburban Orthopaedics offers our patients both Digital X-Ray as well as an MRI right in our Bartlett office.

For injuries involving the musculoskeletal and soft tissue structures of the body the most definitive diagnostic tool is an MRI. Suburban Orthopaedics has a Hitachi 1.5 Echelon Short Bore which provides a clearer and more precise image allowing for a more conclusive diagnosis. With clearer images your physician can more accurately diagnose their patient’s injury and can use these images to inform and educate the patient about their injury.

Suburban Orthopaedic’s MRI is unique in that it allows the patient to enter the bore feet-first for most exams. Although our MRI is a “Closed MRI” this feature has proven to be helpful to patients who may be claustrophobic.

How should I prepare for my MRI?

There is no preparation needed when coming in for your MRI. You may go about your day as you would normally without worry of dietary or medication restrictions.

We ask that you arrive a few minutes early for your test to complete any necessary paperwork. Our licensed technologist will escort you to our private changing room where you will be given a secure locker to store your personal belongings as well as remove anything metallic and to change in to proper clothing if necessary.

Once your exam is complete your results will be sent to your physician within 24 to 48 hours. For more information please contact our MRI department at (630) 526-7535.

Digital radiography is the latest advancement in radiologic technology. Digital Radiography or DR is a form of x-ray imaging where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. The many advantages to the patient include less radiation to acquire such images, the ability to view and interpret images immediately for a speedier diagnosis, and the capability to enhance images with special image processing techniques and measuring devices.

At Suburban Orthopaedics our advanced onsite imaging department is staffed by experienced registered radiographers who strive for excellence in the production of digital images and high quality patient care.

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