Pain Management

Pain Management is a treatment option often used by patients whose pain has affected their daily lives. Pain that prohibits or prevents your normal eating, sleeping, work, and daily activity can be treated by working with the proper physicians. Accurately measuring and managing your pain will allow your physicians to create a treatment plan and option for you to control and minimize your pain.

Our focus is on non-surgical treatment and management of chronic spinal pain lasting more than 3 months, with the intention of improving your quality of life and level of physical function.

As a Physiatrist, also known as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, we utilize a comprehensive approach to managing chronic pain. This comprehensive approach focuses on treatments of active physical therapy and interventional pain procedures.

Other treatments that may be utilized include pain medications, bracing, chiropractic care, and cognitive behavioral therapy/counseling.  This comprehensive treatment approach has been shown to be the most effective at providing long term reduction of chronic pain.

Interventional Pain Procedure List:  (with links to the procedure education handouts in English & Spanish)



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