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All of our highly rated physicians are Board Certified and eligible, specialty trained, with excellent outcomes allowing us to provide exceptional and individualized care for each of our patients. We endeavor to ensure the health and wellness of our patients, through comprehensive and compassionate care with each patient we see.

Physician evaluation consists of subjective and objective parameters ascertained during the office visit. The subjective portion consists of questions and answers relating to specific symptoms. examples include; the severity and location of pain, the mechanism of injury, and the resulting functional limitations. The objective portion consists of a physical examination. Examples include; measurements of range of motion, strength, and stability, palpation for focused anatomical areas of tenderness, and evaluation of swelling and blood flow. These pieces of the puzzle are put together by the physician to formulate the most likely diagnoses.

From these list of working diagnoses, additional confirmatory diagnostic testing such as X-ray, MRI, or EMG may be ordered. Also, treatments will be discussed, recommended, and optimized based on the patient centric factors. Common treatments include time, rest, activity modification, bracing or casting, home and physical therapy exercises and modalities, and natural modalities. Medications including topical, oral, and injection may also be considered. Surgical repair and restoration, although typically a last resort, may ultimately be required for optimal outcome.

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