NanoScope™ Operative Arthroscopy System in Illinois

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The NanoScope™ operative arthroscopy imaging system from Arthrex® is the first medical-grade, 3-in-1, chip-on-tip, single-use camera system. It is a diagnostic and treatment tool advancement allowing surgeons to directly visualize and treat common joint conditions in a less invasive, more convenient, and more efficient manner.


  • Direct visualization of the joint surface, meniscus, labrum, and ligaments in HD resolution with a camera on the tip of 1.9mm diameter instrument that is inserted into the joint space through a needle-size cannula.
  • Local anesthesia or numbing of the joint and skin allows for a convenient and relatively painless in-office procedure. Since patients can avoid going to the operating room and having general anesthesia, this has the potential for less complications, less cost, more convenience, and a quicker recovery.
  • Minimally invasive needle-like instruments allow for visualization of potential joint problems and treatments such as cleaning and or repair of damaged areas.
  • Patient is engaged as they can see the screen with the surgeon as the procedure is being done or upon completion to best understand and treat their condition.
  • The minimally invasive patient experience and access to joint spaces make the NanoScope the tool of choice for instant diagnostic imaging and less invasive arthroscopy procedures.

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