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What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

The ulnar nerve passes through the cubital tunnel located on the inside of the elbow. When this nerve becomes inflamed or irritated, it swells and presses against the cubital tunnel of muscle, ligament, and bone causing pain. This pain may feel similar to when you hit your “funny bone” as it is the same nerve affected. A medical exam is required to diagnose your pain as cubital tunnel syndrome.

What Causes Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

There are various causes of cubital tunnel syndrome. The doctors at our Chicago area clinics will check for these common causes:

  • Bending the elbow often while pulling, reaching, or lifting
  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Previous fractures
  • Previous dislocation of the elbow

What are the Symptoms of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

While pain may be present with cubital tunnel syndrome, at Suburban Orthpaedics, our doctors will also ask if you have been experiencing any numbness or tingling on the inside of your forearm. They may also assess for any weakness with certain wrist and hand movements. It is important to remember that only an elbow pain specialist can diagnose the cause of your elbow pain.

How is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosed?

A full medical assessment is required to diagnose cubital tunnel syndrome. The experienced doctors at our Chicago, IL orthopedic clinic will do a physical exam and ask about your medical history. It is important to rule out any other causes of pain before diagnosis. In addition to the physical exam, our orthopedic specialists may order the following

  • Electromyogram- This is a test to check nerve and muscle function
  • New Conduction Test- This test is used to discover a constriction of the nerve
  • X-ray– An X-ray allows doctors to look for signs of arthritis or bone spurs.

Who is at Risk of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

While cubital Tunnel syndrome can affect anyone, those with a history of elbow injury, occupations that require repetitive elbow movement, or certain medical conditions that cause increased inflammation are at higher risk. In all cases, our orthopedic doctors suggest avoiding resting on your elbows for long periods, warming up before exercising, and doing your best to keep your arms flexible and strong. These simple preventative measures can help anyone reduce their chances of suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome.

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