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What is Cupping?
Published on August 29, 2022 | by Matt Cohen

Have you ever heard of cupping? Wondered what those mysterious ‘bruises’ are on athletes like Michael Phelps? Well, here is a little more information and background on this therapeutic technique. Cupping by definition is “the application of suction or vacuum to the skin.” The use of this negative pressure can be utilized to pull the
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Physical Therapy and the Treatment of Low Back Pain
Published on July 29, 2022 | by Matt Cohen

If you have low back pain, you are not alone. At any given time, about 25% of people in the United States report having low back pain within the past three months. In most cases, low back pain is mild and disappears on its own. However, for some people, back pain can return or continue,
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What is Sciatica?
Published on June 3, 2022 | by Matt Cohen

Sciatica is a very common diagnosis given to someone suffering from low back pain with symptoms usually traveling down one leg. Sciatica is defined as the irritation, inflammation, pinching, or compression of the sciatic nerve, which is a large nerve that originates in the low back and travels down each leg. Someone who has sciatica
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Why Choose Physical Therapy?
Published on March 15, 2022 | by Matt Cohen

“Medicine adds days to life. Physical Therapy adds life to days.” This unattributed quote speaks to the importance of Physical Therapy and how it improves the daily quality of life. The very definition of Physical Therapy uses the words maintain, restore, promote, and function. Here at Suburban Orthopaedics, the goal of Physical Therapy is to
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Obesity and Knee Replacement Surgery
Published on July 1, 2021 | by Matt Cohen

Obesity can be a difficult topic to discuss openly due to social norms and patients’ willingness to discuss it. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons strongly believes there should be an open conversation between provider and patient to discuss obesity, its affect on your musculoskeletal health, and the ways in which providers can help. Obesity
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Knee Pain from Front to Back
Published on June 1, 2021 | by Matt Cohen

Anterior knee pain is experienced by many people in all walks of life, from adolescents to senior citizens. It is the most common knee pain diagnosis we make. The pain occurs at the front and center of the knee and can refer (travel) to the back of the knee. This means a patient can feel
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Neck Pain Due to Motor-Vehicle Collisions
Published on May 1, 2021 | by Matt Cohen

Many patients with chronic pain feel that nothing works to reduce their pain and have lost hope. I have treated chronic pain patients who said they felt broken, depressed, and abandoned. I want my patients to feel heard and understood, and know they are not alone in their pain. While neck pain for most people
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How to Avoid Gardening Injuries
Published on April 1, 2021 | by Matt Cohen

8 Tips to Prevent Injuries while Gardening and Doing Yard Work With warmer weather approaching, it’s time to get out of the house and resume all of your fresh-air activities. This may include cleaning up your yard and garden. Gardening is a great way to stay active and healthy through the spring and summer months
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Shoulder Pain
Published on March 1, 2021 | by Matt Cohen

The word “shoulder” can be used synonymously with carrying or assuming a weight or burden. The anatomic shoulder joint holds to this meaning. It connects your neck and chest to your arm and is made up of your arm bone, collarbone, and shoulder blade. It is highly mobile and functions to position your hand in
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